NJ RAMP is a coalition of individuals and associations who believe that the health, safety and economic harms or recreational marijuana legalization far outweighs the perceived social benefits. We are medical doctors, employers, treatment providers, drug prevention professionals, business owners, employees, law enforcement officers, and parents. NJ RAMP believes that NJ communities should not be victims of the commercialization and normalization of marijuana.

Our Message to policy makers:

Marijuana – DON’T legalize! Be guided by science, not dollars. Promote a balanced, public health approach, reducing criminal penalties, with responsible policies protecting our Health, Families and Children, Education, the Environment and our Communities, including our marginalized and underserved communities, communities of color and the Business community. Legalization is not the answer for New Jersey.

Dr. Kevin Sabet

Founder & President

Described by NBC as the “prodigy” of drug politics and policy, Kevin A. Sabet, PhD, is an author, consultant, former advisor to three U.S. presidential administrations, assistant professor, and serves as the President and CEO of SAM, which he founded with former Congressman Patrick Kennedy in 2013. He has studied, researched, written about, and implemented drug policy for almost 20 years. He has worked in the Clinton (2000), Bush (2002-2003) Administrations, and in 2011 he stepped down after serving more than two years as the senior advisor to President Obama’s drug control director, having been the only drug policy staffer to have ever served as a political appointee in a Democrat and Republican administration. He has appeared since at the Aspen Ideas and New Yorker festivals, on the Organization of American States blue ribbon commission advising hemispheric drug policy, and in hundreds of forums and discussions promoting the ideas outlined in his first book, Reefer Sanity: Seven Great Myths About Marijuana, published by Beaufort. He has been featured on the front page of the New York Times and in virtually every major media publication and news channel on the subject of drug policy.

Congressman Patrick Kennedy

Founder & NJ Resident

The Honorable Patrick J. Kennedy is a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives and the nation’s leading political voice on mental illness, addiction, and other brain diseases. During his 16-year career representing Rhode Island in Congress, he fought a national battle to end medical and societal discrimination against these illnesses, highlighted by his lead sponsorship of the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act of 2008–and his brave openness about his own health challenges.

The son of Senator Edward “Ted” Kennedy, he decided to leave Congress not long after his father’s death to devote his career to advocacy for brain diseases and to create a new, healthier life and start a family. He has since founded the Kennedy Forum, which unites the community of mental health, and co-founded One Mind for Research, a global leader in open science collaboration in brain research. Kennedy is also the co-author of “A Common Struggle,” which outlines both his personal story and a bold plan for the future of mental health in America.

Patrick lives in New Jersey with his wife, Amy, and their four children.

Stephen Reid

Executive Director

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Senior Advisors

Rory Wells

Peter A. Brown Jr.

Founder and CEO of PBG Solutions LLC

Joe Pulmeri

Ijeoma Opara


Dr. Kim Yancey James

Will Jones III

Dr. Jethro James Senior Advisor

Senior Pastor of Paradise Baptist Church Newark,NJ
President of the Newark/North Jersey Committee of Black Churchmen

Mary Pat Angelini

CEO, Preferred Behavioral Health

Ron Importico

President, ICC - Industrial Cooling Corporation

Dr. Calvin Chatlos

Addictions Psychiatrist, Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Sherriff Shaun Golden

Sheriff of Monmouth County and Adjunct Professor at Monmouth University, Department of Political Science and Public Policy.

Joe Williams

Executive Director/CEO South West Council (Prevention Treatment & Personal Recovery Support)

Dr. Robert Zlotnick

Executive Director Atlantic Prevention Resources

Ron Rosetto

Founder of Hope Sheds Light (Dedicated to educating families on the disease of addiction by creating awareness, providing resources and installing hope for a healthier community)


Preferred Behavioral Health Services

Cape Assist

New Jersey Prevention Network

South West Council

Atlantic Prevention Services

Partners in Prevention

Prevention Coalition of Mercer County

Center for Prevention and Counseling

Hope Shed Light

Patterson Coalition Against Substance Abuse

New Jersey Council of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Supporters & Sponsors

NJ-RAMP is a coalition of prevention, treatment, law enforcement, business, recovery, parents, education, and other communities concerned about the normalization and commercialization of marijuana in New Jersey.

Press Inquiries

Jeanette Hoffman

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