Big problem for legal weed looming in N.J. Senate, NJ Cannabis Insider survey finds

If the state Senate were to vote today on whether New Jersey should legalize marijuana for recreational use, the bill would fail, according to a survey by NJ Cannabis Insider, a new NJ Advance Media publication. Only five members of the 40-member Senate said they would vote yes when reached by telephone, in person and by email over the past three weeks.

Prominent Democrat to introduce marijuana decriminalization bill in NJ Senate | Video | NJTV News

Sen. Ron Rice doesn’t want to hear marijuana legalization advocates talk about the social justice aspect of their quest; people of color are three times more likely to be in prison for marijuana than white people. So, their argument goes, if you legalize marijuana, all of those people would be out.


Opponents of Recreational Marijuana Legalization Show Up in Force at Black Caucus Hearing

Advocates of marijuana legalization in New Jersey say the public hearing was one-sided.


Will marijuana legalization bandwagon be slowed by decriminalization effort? | Video | NJTV News

There was a decided point of view at Wednesday’s hearing on marijuana legalization hosted by the Legislative Black Caucus. It’s no secret that the caucus’ chair, Sen. Ron Rice, favors a decriminalization bill and has promised to get a Senate vote on it.


Politically Direct With Fernando Uribe-Episode 3-Special Guest: Kevin Sabet

Coming up, Kevin Sabet, Ph.D. representing Smart Approaches To Marijuana will be my special guest. We will discuss the platform of this non-profit organization, the ongoing debate about marijuana legalization in New Jersey, his thoughts on Governor Phil Murphy and much more. Feel free to call in at 818-572-8032!

NJ marijuana legalization: Black lawmakers see nightmare vision of NJ high on legal weed

CLOSE New Jersey’s black lawmakers, who may decide whether marijuana becomes legal in the state, are hearing a dystopian vision of a society in which babies are exposed to pot smoke, teenagers munch on marijuana-laced foods in school cafeterias, and the leaf replaces tomatoes and blueberries as a symbol of Garden State agriculture.

To put it bluntly, many pot questions lack answers

CLOSE As New Jersey ponders the possible legalization of recreational marijuana, some local officials are already considering steps to limit the impact in their communities, including municipal bans on sales. Meanwhile, the Trump administration appears inclined to take a tougher stand against state laws that run counter to federal prohibitions on cannabis.

Legal marijuana foes offer a compromise: Decriminalize it

Frustrated by the focus on legalizing recreational marijuana in New Jersey, a bipartisan group of state lawmakers Thursday introduced a bill that would decriminalize the possession of small amounts of pot by treating it like a traffic offense in the state.


Pot Poll: Majority of NJ Opposes Legalized Marijuana

NEW FDU POLL SHOWS MAJORITY OF NEW JERSEYANS OPPOSE LEGALIZING RECREATIONAL MARIJUANA TRENTON, NJ – The majority of New Jerseyans oppose legalizing recreational marijuana, according to a recent survey conducted by Fairleigh Dickinson University. This marks the first time a recent poll in New Jersey has found less than 50 percent support for legalization.